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Barba Skin Clinic

Barba Skin Clinic is Miami’s new destination for customized skin care based on today’s science. To help you get your clearest, smoothest and most youthful skin possible, Dr. Barba created a whole new concept: a medi-skin clinic that combines the expertise of a dermatologist with the skills of a clinically-trained aesthetician. After 8 years of working successfully with sister Stella, they noticed that patients loved their the team-based approach to clinical skincare. Barba Skin Clinic, a stylish facility a few floors away from the busy medical practice, was inaugurated in 2012 to better serve a growing demand for clinical facials, top beauty products and hair removal.

Barba Skin Clinic

We’re always in search of the best ingredients and techniques for transforming skin — and when we find something that really works, we’re happy to spread the word. We love our clients and we make sure it shows!”
—Alicia Barba, MD, and Stella Barba, LE, CME

Skin Clinic Specialists

Our expertise goes beyond the norm: After receiving their aesthetician degrees and professional state licenses, all Barba Skin Clinic Specialists are supervised and clinically-trained by Dr. Barba for an additional 6 to 8 months after being hired, regardless of their experience. To Dr. Barba, it is key that the aesthetician understands the role of the dermatologist, learns the medical-grade active ingredients in skin care, and masters the cutting-edge technology required to safely deliver superior clinical results. The goal is to demystify medical skin care while delivering the advanced treatments that make a noticeable difference in your skin. Led by Dr. Barba and Stella, our team sticks to a clinical philosophy of “results-oriented skincare.” Together, the Barba’s have created proprietary treatments and protocols that set the bar high for safety, efficacy and excellence in the aesthetic field, customizing treatments to each client so that goals are reached quickly. If a less invasive treatment that begins at Barba Skin Clinic does not solve your problem, a more medical-based approach can be obtained from Barba Dermatology.


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