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Sclerotherapy is a simple medical procedure used to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins. A concentrated chemical solution is injected through needles so small that a magnifying glass is required while using them. The solution in turn irritates the blood vessels’ inner lining, causing it to swell and stick together and the blood inside of it to clot. Essentially, the vessel is shut down, and over time, your body slowly replaces the clot with scar tissue that is invisible on the surface of the skin. It is also possible to combine sclerotherapy with laser treatments. Dr. Barba and her staff can help determine if you are a candidate for the use of laser.

What chemical solution is used for the procedure?

Asclera™ has been used in Europe for over 40 years to successfully treat more than 5 million cases of spider and varicose veins. Recently approved by the FDA, Asclera™ is now being offered by dermatologists across America. Like other injectable agents used to remove unsightly veins, Asclerea™ is administered with a superfine needle into the blood vessel, where it irritates the inner lining, eventually inducing a clot that leads to the blood vessel shutting down and fading from view on the surface of the skin.

What sets Asclera™ apart?

Unlike other injectables, Asclera™ boasts anesthetic properties that make it the more comfortable treatment option for patients. Thanks to its active ingredient of Polidoconol, Asclera™ causes less pain and skin irritation than other current procedures. And yet, without compromising comfort, it is highly effective. Additionally, Asclera™ will not cause any significant damage to surrounding tissue, and innumerable patients have shown satisfaction with its overall results.

How many injections are needed?

Depending on your condition and the size and location of the veins to be treated, the number of blood vessels injected in one session varies, although the procedure itself can take only 15-30 minutes to complete. Over 20-30% of injected veins may be eliminated with each session. Following the procedure, spider veins generally show improvement in 3-6 weeks, while larger veins tend to respond in 3-4 months.

Does it hurt?

Postoperative discomfort is usually minimal. After a treatment, heavy exercise activities can be resumed in a week. We recommend wearing fitted support hose for 14 days after treatment sessions, to maximize results. Veins that respond to the treatment will not reappear, but the treatment can be used again in the event of new veins appearing later.

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