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Facial Veins & Broken Blood Vessels

Facial veins and broken blood vessels on the face reflect damage that has occurred just below your skin’s outer layer. The causes for this damage can vary. Facial veins can become more common with age, but can also result from Rosacea and sun damage.

What is treatment like?

A variety of lasers are available to treat broken blood vessels in the face. Some people see complete results after one treatment, but most people need two or even three treatments. The cheeks usually respond quickly, but the vessels around the nose are more resistant. While the laser does remove red lines and broken blood vessels, it doesn't remove what caused them to form in the first place.

Is there any way to prevent facial veins or broken blood vessels?

It is important to wear sunscreen every day, avoid direct sun exposure and not smoke. If you have rosacea, we recommend you schedule an appointment to get started on treatment right away, since the symptoms of rosacea can worsen without timely treatment.

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