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Mole Removal

Moles can be present in areas where they can become injured, or in areas where they simply don’t look good. Most moles are easily removed by shaving them off or by cutting them out and stitching the area closed, a procedure that is performed in the office with a bit of local anesthesia. Please keep in mind that moles cannot be lasered off.

Who should have their moles removed?

Some patients like to get rid of moles that are in a hairy area of the skin out of concern about shaving over it. Shaving can irritate a mole but does not make it turn cancerous. However, if the constant irritation is annoying, you might want the mole removed. Most of our patients have their moles removed simply for cosmetic reasons. The best reason to have a mole removed is if you think it has changed. Whatever the reason for removal, all moles are sent to a dermatopathologist for confirmation that they are benign, and not cancerous.

Is there a risk in having a mole removed?

There is always a risk of a scar, of a dark brown spot forming where the mole was shaved off. However, we are meticulous with our mole removals, and the scars left after mole removals are usually minimal.

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